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Falsely Accused of Child Pornography Because Your Neighbor Was Using Your Wi-Fi

In the realm of criminal defense law, few charges carry the same level of stigma and severity as child pornography allegations. When someone is accused of child pornography dissemination, it can be a harrowing experience that can lead to devastating consequences. In this blog post, we will explore the intricacies of child pornography charges in Minnesota and shed light on a situation where an individual was falsely accused due to a neighbor's illicit use of their Wi-Fi.

Understanding Child Pornography Laws in Minnesota

Child pornography laws in Minnesota, as in most states, are designed to protect minors from exploitation and abuse. The state's statutes define child pornography as any sexually explicit image or video featuring a minor under the age of 18. This includes the creation, possession, and dissemination of such material.

Minnesota law explicitly criminalizes the dissemination of child pornography, which encompasses the act of sharing or distributing explicit images or videos involving minors. Convictions for child pornography offenses can result in severe penalties, including imprisonment, fines, mandatory registration as a sex offender, and long-lasting damage to one's reputation.

Falsely Accused Due to Neighbor's Use of Wi-Fi

I recently attended the nation’s best seminar on defending sex crimes. I learned a lot from the seminar. I can’t go too far into the details, but I learned of how a man was falsely accused because his neighbor had been disseminating child pornography on his Wi-Fi network. He faced a nightmarish ordeal due to his neighbor's illegal use of his Wi-Fi network.

Law enforcement learned of the illegal activity but traced it to the IP address of the innocent man. Dissemination, unlike possession, does not require that you find any actual child pornography on the electronic devices of the accused. You can imagine the shock and confusion that an innocent person has when accused of a crime like this.

The Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney

In a cases like the above example, a criminal defense attorney plays a crucial role in protecting the rights of the accused and ensuring that justice is served. Here are some key aspects of the defense attorney's role:

1.    Investigation:

A diligent defense attorney will thoroughly investigate the case, including examining the evidence against their client and gathering information about whether another culprit is responsible.

2.    Legal Strategies:

Defense attorneys will employ various legal strategies to challenge the prosecution's case. This may include arguing lack of knowledge or intent, highlighting the absence of direct evidence linking the accused to the crime, and exploring any technical issues surrounding Wi-Fi security.

3.    Expert Witnesses:

Depending on the circumstances, defense attorneys may consult with expert witnesses in computer forensics or digital security to establish potential defenses.

4.    Negotiation and Litigation:

A skilled defense attorney may negotiate with the prosecution to seek a dismissal of charges or a reduction in sentencing. If necessary, they will also prepare to vigorously defend their client in a jury trial.


Child pornography charges in Minnesota are grave offenses that can have life-altering consequences for those accused. It is essential for anyone facing such allegations to seek a skilled criminal defense attorney to ensure their rights are protected and their side of the story is heard. It’s important when hiring a criminal defense attorney that you understand that it is not a one size fits all situation. A lawyer who primarily focuses on DWI defense will likely not be the best option to defend you when facing something as serious and life-altering as child pornography charges. I’ve been trained at the nation’s leading seminar on defending sex crimes, which included training on defending child pornography charges. There is a whole slew of defenses to be explored that those who are unfamiliar with the charges would not be aware of to even explore as potential defenses.

Contact Subzero Criminal Defense and I may be able to start working on your case as soon as today. 651-248-5142. Subzero Criminal Defense provides a defense with intelligence, creativity, and grit.


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