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Judge hugs man in emotional court hearing who is exonerated after 47 years

Leonard Mack was falsely accused of rape nearly 50 years ago. It wasn't until recently that DNA evidence exonerated him. He was convicted in part because of lineup procedures that are highly suggestive and should never be used. Mr. Mack was the only man in the lineup who was black. He was misidentified as the culprit and spent seven and a half years in prison before being released. Some may think that after he served his time that the harm was done for this wrongful conviction. But Mr. Mack faced a lifetime of the terrible stigma of being a convicted sex offender even though he was innocent. All this happened while the real culprit was out committing other crimes. The harms of false accusations do not just impact the falsely accused but society at large.

Leonard Mack's case highlights how important it is to challenge the lineup procedures used in a case if they aren't done correctly. Mistaken identification contributes to 27% of wrongful convictions. If you are charged with a crime and believe you have been misidentified, it is important to get a skilled criminal defense attorney who can determine if the right procedures were used to identify you. And challenge the procedures if they were not done correctly.

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