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Peter Lindstrom, Esq. 
Founder of Subzero Criminal Defense

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"Defending You with Intelligence, Creativity, and Grit."

Peter is a zealous advocate for the accused. Unlike many attorneys, he didn’t march straight through school to become an attorney. He paid his dues for 6 years a paralegal at a criminal defense law firm while also attending night school to get his bachelor’s degree and law school degree. Before he was even an attorney, he had worked on over 1,000 criminal files, over 200 of which were felonies.

Success in the Biggest Cases

Most lawyers spend years before they get their first big case dismissed. Less than two months into his practice, Peter’s got a felony gun case dismissed where the client had been looking at a 60-month mandatory minimum sentence. Peter has been an integral part of acquittals and dismissals in 2nd degree attempted murder, 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct, and felony strangulation cases. You want Peter defending you if you are facing serious charges.

Trained for the Serious Cases

Peter has been trained at the nation’s best seminar on defending sex crimes cases. Peter has a certificate in death investigation from North Dakota University. He’s also received training from the Death Investigator Training Academy on the underlying science in murder investigations. Peter’s focus as a practitioner is on defending the most serious crimes: murder, sexual assault, and other crimes of violence. When facing the most serious charges, you want an attorney who focuses on the most serious charges.

Advocacy outside of Subzero Criminal Defense

Peter’s advocacy skills are no secret. Nationally renowned trial lawyer Jack Rice asked him to contribute to his law firm in a Of Counsel capacity. Peter is on the ground defending the most serious cases that come across Jack's desk in addition to his clients at Subzero Criminal Defense. Peter is immersed in the most serious cases and has that much more strategizing ideas to contribute to the defense in your case. 

Peter volunteers with Criminal Defense Services (CDSI). CDSI is a non-profit organization that works exclusively in Ramsey County that provides representation to defendants who don't qualify for the public defender because their income is too high, but their income is also low enough that they can't afford a private attorney. CDSI serves to help people who fall in this income gap. 

Peter is also the creator of Which is a site dedicated to reverse engineering wrongful convictions from the past to develop insights for people who are falsely accused today. Over 3,000 people have been wrongfully convicted since 1989. The intricate knowledge I have of wrongful convictions and exonerations allows me to be that much better of an advocate for my clients I represent. 

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