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A Defense in Your Darkest Hour

Subzero Criminal Defense focuses primarily on defending the most serious criminal charges: murder, sexual assault, and other crimes of violence. Subzero only takes less serious cases on a case by case basis. If I’m talking to you, it’s likely not a warm balmy time in your life. It’s bitterly cold and the case has the potential to ruin your life. Subzero is built to handle the most serious offenses because the more serious your charges, the more important it becomes to defend your innocence.

Are You
Falsely Accused?

Peter Lindstrom, the founder of Subzero Criminal Defense, is also the creator of A website devoted to reverse engineering wrongful convictions from the past to help those falsely accused today. There is no better lawyer for crafting a strategy to combat your false accusations. 

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370 Selby Ave.

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