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DANCO Violation Defenses in Minnesota: A Criminal Defense Attorney Explains

In the realm of criminal defense within Minnesota, few situations are as nuanced and fraught with complexity as defending against charges of violating a Domestic Abuse No Contact Order (DANCO). As a criminal defense attorney, it is my responsibility to navigate these complexities and ensure the rights of my clients are safeguarded. In this blog post, I’ll share insights into how I approach cases involving allegations of DANCO violations.

Understanding the DANCO:

A Domestic Abuse No Contact Order is issued by a court to protect a victim of domestic violence by legally prohibiting the alleged abuser from making contact. It is a stringent order, and violations are considered serious offenses, potentially resulting in criminal charges that can be categorized as misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, or even felonies depending on the circumstances and the defendant's criminal history.

The Implications of a Violation:

The consequences of violating a DANCO are severe and can include jail time, fines, and the imposition of a harsher DANCO. Moreover, it can significantly impact pending cases, such as custody battles or divorce proceedings, and can tarnish one’s reputation irreparably.

Strategies for Defense: The defense against a DANCO violation hinges on a precise and methodical approach:

1. Examining the Details of the Order:

Understanding every detail of the order is crucial. Sometimes, the language of the order can be vague or subject to interpretation. I meticulously review the specific terms to determine if the alleged conduct actually constituted a violation.

2. Assessing the Allegations:

I scrutinize the allegations for their factual basis. Was there intentional contact, or was it incidental and unavoidable? In some cases, the alleged victim may have initiated the contact, complicating the matter further. It’s important to note that the laws are so stringent that even in situations where the accused had little or no control over the contact, they may still have violated the letter of the law. Really breaking down the incident becomes important.

3. Investigating the Context:

Context is key. I investigate the circumstances surrounding the alleged violation. For example, was the defendant unaware that their actions were in breach of the DANCO? Did they understand the terms correctly? We gather evidence that supports the context favorable to our client.

4. Challenging the Evidence:

Challenging the evidence presented by the prosecution may be an option. This can involve questioning the credibility of witness testimonies, the legality of evidence collection, and the intention behind the defendant's actions.

5. Negotiating with the Prosecution:

Negotiation is a delicate art. When the evidence against a client is substantial, a plea deal result in the best option for the defendant. But the decision to take a plea deal or go to trial is always entirely the client’s decision.

6. Preparing for Trial:

If a trial is necessary, we prepare diligently, ensuring we have a robust defense strategy. This includes preparing for cross examination, developing compelling arguments, and, when beneficial, preparing the defendant to provide their testimony.

Conclusion: Defending against a DANCO violation in Minnesota is a serious matter that requires an experienced legal eye and a robust defense strategy. As a criminal defense attorney, my focus is on protecting my client's rights, uncovering the truth, and working toward a resolution that considers not just the letter of the law, but also the spirit of justice. Those accused of such violations should seek competent legal representation without delay to ensure their voice is heard and their case is presented fairly and effectively in court.

Contact Subzero Criminal Defense and we may be able to start working on your case as soon as today. 651-248-5142. Subzero Criminal Defense provides a defense with intelligence, creativity, and grit.


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