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"Each of us is more than the worst thing we've ever done." -Bryan Stevenson


​Are past criminal convictions holding you back from the life you deserve? Subzero Criminal Defense understands the importance of second chances.​


Are you eligible?


There are four requirements to petition for a pardon.

(1) The applicant must have completed the relevant criminal sentence, including through discharge/expiration of probation or supervised release, and either meet the required waiting period or have received a waiver of the waiting period (see below for more information).    

(2) The application must concern a criminal conviction. In Minnesota, petty misdemeanors and juvenile delinquency adjudications are not considered crimes. Likewise, criminal charges that were dismissed or did not result in a conviction through a stay of adjudication, a diversion program, or deferral of prosecution are not criminal convictions. The Board also does not have the authority to grant relief from civil matters or penalties, such as tax liabilities, civil commitments, harassment restraining orders, civil forfeitures or fines, or the like. 

(3) The criminal conviction must have been imposed in Minnesota state court, not in federal court, other states, or foreign countries. 

(4) The applicant must not have been previously denied a pardon or commutation, including through exclusion of a prior pardon or commutation application. Prior applications that were simply deemed ineligible do not count. 


When can I petition for expungement?


You need to be crime free for a time period after your sentence and probation to be eligible for a pardon. If you were convicted of a crime of violence as defined by statute the waiting period will be 10 years. All other crimes involve a waiting period of 5 years. You must remain crime free during the waiting period to be eligible. If you commit another crime during the waiting period, the clock starts over again. 


Can't I just get an expungement instead of a pardon?

There are many situations where an expungement will be sufficient for your needs. But there are some circumstances such as if your dealing with firearm rights or immigration consequences where a pardon may be necessary because an expungement would be insufficient. Consult a lawyer if you are unsure about what path to pursue.


​Do I need to hire an attorney?


No. You have the right to seek a pardon yourself. But without the expertise that comes from being an pardon lawyer you will be at a significant disadvantage. I’ve watched many times people attempting to receive an expungement or pardon shoot themselves in their foot as they make their arguments to the judge or pardon board. In my opinion, many of these people would have received a pardon if they had a lawyer who would have crafted a strategy for their argument. You don’t know what you don’t know. And a pardon attorney will help immeasurably in avoiding potholes and putting your best foot forward. 


Subzero Criminal Defense can start working on your pardon case as soon as today if you call 651-248-5142.

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