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The Crucial Role of Alternative Perpetrators in Defense of a Murder Charges in Minnesota

In the realm of criminal defense, particularly in cases involving murder charges, the pursuit of justice demands a thorough investigation and exploration of every possible angle. As a criminal defense attorney, I've come to understand the paramount importance of investigating alternative perpetrators in defending clients facing such serious accusations. In doing so, we not only uphold the principles of justice but also ensure that the right person is held accountable.


Here's why investigating alternative perpetrators holds immense significance in the defense against murder charges:


Presumption of Innocence

The cornerstone of any criminal defense is the presumption of innocence. Every accused individual has the right to a fair trial, and it is the prosecution's burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. By investigating alternative perpetrators, defense attorneys strive to introduce reasonable doubt by presenting credible evidence that someone else might have committed the crime.


Completing the Narrative

To construct a compelling defense, it's crucial to develop a coherent narrative that presents a plausible alternative scenario. This often involves scrutinizing the crime scene, examining witness testimonies, and delving into any overlooked evidence that might point to a different suspect. By doing so, attorneys aim to demonstrate that there are other viable explanations for the crime, challenging the prosecution's version of events.

The Whodunnit Question

Even though there technically is no burden on a defendant to prove who actually committed the murder. There undeniable question going through all the jurors minds are, “then who did it?” If you can’t answer that question, you are at a significant disadvantage. You don’t need to prove who did it. But having an idea of who it may have been can be immensely helpful in developing your defense.

The Robert Blake Case and How Alternative Perpetrators Shift Things

The Robert Blake case serves as an example of the importance of alternative perpetrators. When a wife is killed it is usually the husband who the police investigate most intensely. It’s easy to assume the husband did it. But Robert Blake was just one of five suspects in that case because the wife had a complicated past where she scammed a few men out of money and created some enemies. One of the jurors commented on how important this information was to her in the show "The Jury Speaks." This becomes very important information for the jury to know because if they don’t know it, they’ll assume that only the defendant had motive to kill the person in question. But if there are other potential suspects, it can change the case.


Uncovering New Evidence

In many cases, investigations into alternative perpetrators unearth previously overlooked evidence or witnesses. This new information could provide a breakthrough in the case, offering a different perspective and potentially exonerating the accused. From alibis to forensic evidence, these discoveries can significantly impact the outcome of the trial.


Enhancing Justice

Ultimately, the pursuit of justice demands a thorough and comprehensive examination of all plausible scenarios. Investigating alternative perpetrators isn't about diverting attention or deflecting blame but rather about ensuring that the right person is held accountable. True justice prevails when all avenues are explored and the actual perpetrator is identified and brought to justice.



 The defense against murder charges is an incredibly difficult challenge. The question of whether there are any alternative perpetrators requires a thorough investigation. There are many times where the police don't even look into it. You want to hire a lawyer who focuses on murder defense to put forth the best defense for you. Subzero Criminal Defense focuses on the most serious cases including murder. I've received training from the Death Invesgitator Training Academy.

If you want to put forth the best defense for you or a loved one charged with murder, contact Subzero Criminal Defense and I may be able to start working on your case as soon as today. 651-248-5142. Subzero Criminal Defense provides a defense with intelligence, creativity, and grit.


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