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Trained in the Science of Death Investigation: Its Importance for Defending a Murder Charge in MN

In the realm of criminal law, few charges are as grave and complex as those involving murder. When faced with such serious accusations, the importance of a skilled legal defense cannot be overstated. However, what sets apart an exceptional criminal defense attorney is not just legal prowess but also a deep understanding of the scientific aspects surrounding death investigations. Murder cases often are hinged upon the validity and what the meaning of the scientific evidence is.

The Science Involved in Death Investigations

It's under these circumstances that make not only the law but the science of vital importance to those accused of murder in Minnesota. Peter Lindstrom, Esq., the founder of Subzero Criminal Defense, has been trained in understanding the science of death investigations from the Death Investigation Training Academy. They don't teach you this type of stuff in law school. You can find yourself at a significant disadvantage if your criminal defense attorney isn't equipped to know how to handle the science of the case. There are tremendous advantages to hiring a lawyer who possesses training in the sciences of death investigations. Here's why:

1. Interpretation of Forensic Evidence:

Murder cases often hinge on forensic evidence, ranging from DNA analysis to blood spatter patterns. A lawyer with a background in death investigations comprehends the nuances of forensic science. They're equipped to challenge evidence, identify discrepancies, and understand the limitations of forensic techniques. This expertise allows for a more effective defense strategy, potentially uncovering flaws or alternative explanations for the evidence presented by the prosecution.

2. Cross-Examination of Expert Witnesses:

Prosecution in murder trials frequently relies on expert witnesses to interpret forensic evidence. A lawyer versed in death investigations is better positioned to cross-examine these experts. They possess the knowledge to ask pertinent questions, expose weaknesses in their testimony, and offer alternative hypotheses that might cast doubt on the prosecution's narrative.

3. Understanding Cause and Manner of Death:

A lawyer trained in death investigations comprehends the complexities of determining the cause and manner of death. This insight enables them to challenge the prosecution's narrative by exploring alternative explanations or raising doubts about the established cause of death. It allows for a more thorough investigation into potential factors that might have contributed to the demise, which could be crucial in building a strong defense strategy.

4. Navigating Legal and Scientific Complexity:

Murder cases involve intricate legal and scientific aspects that often intersect. A lawyer with a background in death investigations can bridge these realms effectively. They can translate complex scientific jargon into understandable terms for the jury and judge, strengthening the defense's arguments and helping stakeholders grasp crucial elements that could sway the case in the defendant's favor.

5. Building a Comprehensive Defense Strategy:

Armed with knowledge in death investigations, a defense attorney can craft a more comprehensive defense strategy. This involves not only legal tactics but also a deep understanding of how to challenge the prosecution's evidence, highlight inconsistencies, and present a compelling case that raises reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury.


The advantages of hiring a lawyer trained in the sciences of death investigations in murder cases cannot be overstated. Their expertise goes beyond legal acumen, providing a profound understanding of the scientific intricacies that often define the outcome of such cases. It's an invaluable asset that significantly enhances the chances of securing a fair trial and a favorable outcome for the defendant in the face of these serious allegations.

Peter Lindstrom, Esq. has been trained in understanding the science of death investigation by the Death Investigation Training Academy. If you or a loved one are facing murder charges, you want to talk to an attorney who has training in death investigations. A lawyer that primarily focuses on DWI defense likely isn’t going to cut it in a case with a dead body. Your case is too important to let any criminal defense attorney handle it.

Contact Subzero Criminal Defense and I may be able to start working on your case as soon as today. 651-248-5142. Subzero Criminal Defense provides a defense with intelligence, creativity, and grit.


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